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TSI-321 4oz. Squeeze Bottle

  • Developed for use by N.A.S.A. in the Apollo Program
  • N.U.S. approved for nuclear use
  • Non-Electrolytic
  • Its properties have many unusual applications, such as camera lubrication & photograph polishing
  • Operates in extreme temperature ranges, making it ideal for colder weather situations
  • Bonds with the metal creating a thin film of lubrication without a greasy buildup
  • Will prevent metal corrosion and is not harmful to most plastics or high alloy metals
  • Great for re-lubricating metal ball bearings (Ceramic bearings run faster DRY)
See Alan Tani's Website for his ball bearing tutorial.

Handling and Usage instructions/restrictions:
AME 321 Product MSDS sheet (.pdf file)

Please be sure to check your Country's postal restrictions BEFORE ordering, as this product may not be allowed to some Countries. This is the CUSTOMER'S responsibility to check postal regulations.
Packages may otherwise be refused or confiscated and disposed of.
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