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2020 this appears to be discontinued and no longer available.

The CRAB MASTER II is a patented machine designed to extract meat from the Atlantic Blue Crab.
View the Instructions for the Crab Master II (.pdf file)
Works with RAW, CHILLED crabs ONLY!
See the "More Details" tab above for how to properly clean and prepare the crabs.

Order Your Crabmaster II Today!
It separates the meat from the shell in minutes,
saving you hours of picking meat out by hand!

If you haven't already seen it, check out the shedder crab demo
and the article on crabs as bait!

We found this great instructional video by MsGrit on YouTube.
We (Scott, Mo and Russ) loved the video, she did a great job with it.
The Crab Master people themselves should have done a video like this!
NOTE: The video was made in 2010, when the price paid by the customer who made the video was lower. Current price is what is listed here in the catalog. ~Staff @ Scott's

Preparing Blue Claw Crabs
for Cooking
and How To Use The Crabmaster

The pics below show steps to cleaning your crabs for eating, to avoid the odor that you get when you cook them whole/alive like lobsters.

Pin the crab down by one side, or by the front edge, holding the claws in place.

Grab the hind leg/paddle fin at the joint at the edge of the crab's back.

Grasp the shell point with your other hand, pushing down on the leg joint as you pull firmly up and away with the shell point.

Crab Cleaning Step 1-3

You can clearly see the crab gills.

Use a knife to scrape the gills off.

Next, grasp the mouth pieces and twist them off, or cut off with knife.

Crab Cleaning Step 4-6

Use the tip of your knife to pull loose the crown piece on the bottom of the crab.

Grab the crown piece and twist it off.

Use a hose at close range to wash the guts right out of the crab. Easiest to hold the crab in one hand while doing this.

Crab Cleaning Step 7-9

Here is your nicely cleaned crab, ready to steam or chill.

Chilling is a must if you are going to use the Crab Master II to remove the meat from your crab for crabcakes, etc.

Chill raw crabs at least ten hours prior to using the Crab Master II. Cut in half, remove claws, and roll the meat easily out of the crab!

Crab Cleaning Step 10-12

Box Contents:

  • 1 - Crab Master II Crab Cleaning Machine
  • 1 - Instruction Manual, Preparations and Use
  • 1 - Cookbook

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