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Ultimate Upgrades by Bryan Young

Convert your 3-stack to the Ultimate 5+1 Drag System

"To give a a brief history of this set. The stock Newell Drag Set left a lot to be desired. It was often sticky during the run of a hooked fish. So, the first thing that we did was to replace the Newell stock washer with greased HT-100 washers by Penn or Carbontex washers by SmoothDrag. This was a great improvement, and this combination produced a very solid 12# of drag. Wanting more, with the help of Alan (Tani), I've created a 5+1 stack versus their 3 stack (3 + 1). This set produced a solid 18#-20# of drag.
Note that after installing the drag set, at rest, the height is slightly higher than the stock set. A 1/8-1/4 turn of the star will resolve the binding. of the top of the stack with the side plate. I hope you understand. Some solutions have a little adjustments.
The following pictures compares the differences between the stock and the 5+1 drag systems installed in the gear.
~B. Young"

Kit Contains:

    (2) - Thick Carbontex* Drag Washers
    (3) - Thin Carbontex* Drag Washers
    (1) - Smaller Carbontex* Washer, Under Gear Drag Washer (Replacement for [KEY #4] Washer)
    (3) - Stainless Steel Keyed Washers
    (2) - Stainless Steel Earred Washers
    (1) - Belleville Washer
*Carbontex is a tradename of SmoothDrag.

Fits Models:

Newell 500 Series
Penn Old SKU #: UU-NEWELL500
Penn New SKU #: UU-NEWELL500▲
Our Price: $34.65 SET
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