• 10-114 Star Drag Wheel, Aluminum (CUSTOM)

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Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models.

Compatibility Notice:
114 Fits All Versions.
Custom Part Kit
Manufactured for Alan Chui under the name Pro Challenger per his specs.
This item is made with T-6061 grade aluminum with a stainless steel insert.
It only works with the Pro Challenger stainless steel gear sleeve with fine threads (PC98-114).
All stars come with a Delrin washer which must be installed between the star and handle.
The Delrin washer will protect the handle from being scratched by the edge of the stainless steel insert.
** Gear sleeve purchased separately, not included.


The Delrin washers are coated and some are a little rough on the edges. This does not interfere with the function of the washer and they are sold as is, no replacements.


Pro Challenger SS gear sleeve required: 98-114PRO stainless steel gear sleeve with fine threads. FOR REELS: 114, 114H, 114H2, 114H2LW, 114H2SP, 114HL, 114HLW, 114L2, 115L, 115L2

The stainless steel sleeve must be ordered separately, see links below if you do not already have one.

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Penn New SKU #: 010-PC10-114
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