• P316112H501 Custom Stainless Steel 420 High Speed Gear Set (Optional)

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Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models.

Custom Part Kit
Manufactured for Alan Chui under the name Pro Challenger per his specs.

Kit contains Main and Pinion Gears.
Precision Helical Cut Gears.
Type 420 Stainless Steel Main Gear.
Type 420 Stainless Steel Heat Treated Pinion Gear
Corrosion Resistant.
Extra Smooth.
4.8:1 Gear Ratio.
Top Notch Craftsmanship.
As a replacement for the 5-500 and 13-500 gears by Penn (which are gear 4:1)

NOTE: Per the manufacturer, a stainless 12-500SS steel yoke and 11-99SS jack are recommended.

Penn Old SKU #: P316112H501
Penn New SKU #: P316112H501▲
Our Price: $59.99 SET
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