Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models in different quantities.

515MAG2, 525MAG2, SQL12, SQL15, TRQ12B, TRQ12BEU, TRQ12G, TRQ15B, TRQ15BEU, TRQ15G, TRQ25B, TRQ25BEU, TRQ25G, TRQ30B, TRQ30BEU, TRQ30G, TRQ40B, TRQ40BEU, TRQ40G (uses 2)

FTHSD12, FTHSD15, FTHSD25N, FTHSD30, FTHSD40 (uses 1)

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This product has been replaced.

55-525MAG2 can be subbed over to 55-TS7
55-TS7 Ball Bearing
SKU: 55-TS7
Price: $12.05
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Penn Old SKU #: 55-525MAG2
Penn New SKU #: 1214665
Our Price: $5.55 EACH
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