Anti-Reverse (A/R) System, Housing and Gear Changes:
This was revised in the newer models manufactured since February 2001.
Penn Said: "You can tell if a reel already has the new system installed by looking at the lable on the bearing cover (part #233) any reel with a RED dot in the center of the label has the old system. Newer Reels With A GOLD/SILVER DOT has the NEW system."

This was referring to the dot on the closed bearing cover #233 (opposite handle). HOWEVER! If you lost your bearing cover and replaced it, you could have the wrong color dot anyway. So it may be best to ignore this method of identification.

Newer housings will be marked with either 1N-440 or 1P-4400 on the inside. ALSO - look at the dog - the older dog has pinchable wings, the newer dog does not, it has a cut in it for the spring to sit in.
See PHOTOS below comparing gears and dogs as well.

Notes For Ordering The Parts Below:
  • To Order: Click on the check box next to the part number(s), enter the quantity you would like to purchase, then "Add To Cart". This allows you the option of only ordering the parts that you need to replace.
  • Pinion/Main Gears: If you replace your pinion gear with 19N-4500, you will also need to replace the main gear with 8N-5500.
  • Upgrade: To completely upgrade to the newer system, order all the parts in the "New 4500 A/R System" section below.
  • Quantities: If you want to order different quantities of different parts below, just put "1" in the QTY box. When you hit "Add To Cart" button, it goes to the Cart, where you can adjust the quantities and update the order if you wish.
Kit is limit one as one or more of the parts are limit one per customer
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Old 4400 A/R System
Red Dot on Cap
Older Housing

New 4400 A/R System
Gold Dot on Cap
Newer Housing

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