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Pursuit PUR6000 Notes

The original 52-5000PUR drag knob currently fits only the original 39-5000PUR and 39-6000PUR shafts.
IT WILL NOT WORK with Penn's sub of the 39-6000SG, the threading does not match.
If you are ordering the NEWER shaft 39-6000SG, you MUST use the 52-5000SG drag knob instead!

Design Change for all Pursuit reels, the Drag Knob & Spool Shaft
There is a difference between what shaft is in the early run reels and what Penn put on the schematic.
You can visibly see the difference in the threads, and the drag knobs ARE ALSO DIFFERENT from what was on the reel originally. Penn made a design change.

There are distinct threads for part type:
SG parts are COARSE threads.
PUR parts are FINE threads.

Your Pursuit reel could have EITHER type in it!

See the link to the design change notes for additional information and assistance with ordering parts.

Penn Old SKU #: 39-6000SG
Penn New SKU #: 1200205
Our Price: $8.25 EACH
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