Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models.

Compatibility Notice:
113H Fits All Versions.
Fits all versions of the
113H, 113H-LH, 113HL
and 113HLW

Fits Reels (23-114, 23M-114 handle nuts):
10LD, 12V, 113H, 113HL, 113H-LH, 113HLW, 113HSP, 113MTL, 115L (check measurements), 15LD, 20, 20T, 225LD, 245LD, 246LD, 25GLS, 30, 30T, 30TW, 30VW, 320GT, 320GT2, 320GT2LC, 320LD, 321GT2-LH, 321GT-LH, 330GT, 330GT2, 340GT, 340GT2, 345GT, 345GT2, 349, 349H, 349HC, 40GLS, 45GLS, 50, 50T, 50TW, 50VW, 50W, 970, 980, 990 (115L pre-1950's .270in thread)


1958 to present day, the 3-115 bridge uses the 23-116 handle nut screw (Thread Diameter: .302 in/7.69mm)

1950 or older reels, the 3-115 bridge used the 23-114 or 23M-114 nut screw. (Thread Diameter: .270 in/6.86mm)

CHECK THE NUMBER STAMPED ON YOUR HANDLE NUT, to make sure that you are ordering the correct replacement nut for your reel. If lost, check the diameter of the inside of the threaded end of the bridge sleeve.
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