Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models.

Compatibility Notice:
114H Fits Full Frame Version.

The 114H full frame is discontinued not available

Changing over to the 114H half frame would also require some changes of side plate screws to match.

NOT USED: The 31-11 handle side stand screws and 32-20 non-handle side stand screws you would either bag/label to keep for another reel, or discard. The stand is part of the frame, they will no longer be needed.

Non-handle side plate you'll need to change to (4) of the 39-13 post screws for the frame. You'll need to replace one on the top with with (1) 32-21. The old non-handle side 39-12 screws would be bag/labeled to be kept - NOTE: one of those is used on the other side, see next set of notes.

Handle side plate you can use (4) of the 39-13 post screws that are already there.
You'll need one of the old 39-12 non-handle side screws to use as the post screw on this side.

    BREAKDOWN of parts that will need to be ordered to switch to frame:
    (1) 183-114H frame, half
    (1) 37M-114 thin post
    (1) 32-21 post screw
    (4) 39-13 post screw

The graphite clamp kit for the half frame would be the 33C-114HF It's the same graphite clamp, but the studs are different as they are the type that thread up in to the half frame.

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