Left Hand conversion.

These parts are needed for conversion:

    1-114H Plate, Handle Side (may or may not be needed, see below)

    3-114H-LH Bridge
    5-115LH Main Gear
    13-114H-LH Pinion ***** NO LONGER AVAILABLE *****

    98-114-LH Gear Sleeve (Optional - if you don't want to replace the entire bridge - ONLY good if repairing a left hand bridge, not for conversion.)

NOTES: The 10-114 star is universal to either lefthand or standard use. The handle side plate 1-114H is convertable to either standard or left hand, except on some of the really older models. If your plate does not have a space for the dog on either side, you will also need the new 1-114H side plate.

Parts for repair only, conversion no longer possible.

Notes For Ordering The Parts Below:

  • To Order: Click on the check box next to the part number(s), enter the quantity you would like to purchase, then "Add To Cart". This allows you the option of only ordering the parts that you need to replace.
  • Upgrade: To completely upgrade to the newer system, order all the parts in the "Convert to 114H-LH " section below.
  • Quantities: If you want to order different quantities of different parts below, just put "1" in the QTY box. When you hit "Add To Cart" button, it goes to the Cart, where you can adjust the quantities and update the order if you wish.

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Convert Standard 114H To Left Hand Parts **REPAIR ONLY (LIMIT 1 PER CUSTOMER!)
Optional - Instead of Replacing Bridge
Optional - Only needed if plate is not left and right compatible
  (max 1)
Limited Availability Limit of 1 per customer.