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Penn Misc. Reel Models

  Bridge City, 107 Bay Head, Bayhead (see the 85 Seaboy for parts)
  80 Conventional
  85 Oceanside (1938, no other information)
Reel Specs   95 Coronado (1930s)
  99 Silver Beach
  130 Sailfisher
  285, 285M Delmar
Reel Specs   Commander Pro 20LW, 30LW
  350M Levelline
Reel Specs   Erskine Signature Baitcast
Reel Specs   Generation V 55, 65, 75 Baitcast
Reel Specs   Ixorne T-300R-RH, T-300R-LH Baitcast
Reel Specs   Kimberley Baitcast
Reel Specs   Kimberley Classic Baitcast

Penn Baymaster

  185 Baymaster (up to 1970) (See also: 185 Seaboy)
  190 Bay Reel (not a Seaboy) (1950's up to 1990)

Penn Beachmaster

  155, 155M, 155L Beachmaster
  155L-LH Beachmaster (Left Hand)
Owners Manual   156 Beachmaster (1941, no other info available)
  160, 160M, 160L Beachmaster
  165, 165M, 165L Beachmaster

Penn Defiance

  DFN20LW Defiance Levelwind
  DFN25LW Defiance Levelwind
  DFN30 Defiance
  DFN40LW Defiance Levelwind

Penn Fathom Levelwind

  FTH15LW Fathom Levelwind
  FTH20LW Fathom Levelwind
  FTH20LW-LH Fathom Levelwind (LEFT HAND)
  FTH25LW Fathom Levelwind
  FTH25LW-LH Fathom Levelwind (LEFT HAND)
  FTH40LW Fathom Levelwind
  FTH60LW Fathom Levelwind

Fathom II Level Wind

  FTHII15LW Fathom II Level Wind
  FTHII15LWLH Fathom II Left Hand Level Wind
  FTHII15LWLC Fathom II Level Wind Line Counter
  FTHII15LWLCLH Fathom II Left Hand Level Wind Line Counter
  FTHII20LW Fathom II Level Wind
  FTHII20LWLH Fathom II Left Hand Level Wind
  FTHII20LWLC Fathom II Level Wind Line Counter
  FTHII20LWLCLH Fathom II Left Hand Level Wind Line Counter
  FTHII30LW Fathom II Level Wind
  FTHII30LWLH Fathom II Left Hand Level Wind
  FTHII30LWLC Fathom II Level Wind Line Counter
  FTHII30LWLCLH Fathom II Left Hand Level Wind Line Counter
  FTHII50LW Fathom II Level Wind

Penn Fathom Star Drag

  FTHSD12 (FTH12) Fathom Star Drag
  FTHSD15 (FTH15) Fathom Star Drag
  FTHSD25N (FTH25N) Fathom Star Drag
  FTHSD30 (FTH30) Fathom Star Drag
  FTHSD40 (FTH40) Fathom Star Drag

Penn Fathom II Star Drag

  FTHii8XNSD Fathom II Star Drag
  FTHii12SD Fathom II Star Drag
  FTHii15SD Fathom II Star Drag
  FTHii15SDCS Fathom II Star Drag
  FTHii25NSD and FTHii25NSDP Fathom II Star Drag
  FTHii30SD and FTHii30SDP Fathom II Star Drag
  FTHii40SD and FTHii40SDP Fathom II Star Drag

Penn Fathom Lever Drag

  FTH15LD Fathom Lever Drag
  FTH25NLD Fathom Lever Drag
  FTH30LD Fathom Lever Drag
  FTH40NLD Fathom High Speed Lever Drag
  FTH40NLDHS Fathom High Speed Lever Drag

Penn Fathom Lever Drag 2-Speed

  FTH15LD2 Fathom Lever Drag 2-Speed
  FTH25NLD2 Fathom Lever Drag 2-Speed
  FTH25NLD2-LH Fathom Left Hand Lever Drag 2-Speed (Left Hand)
  FTH30LD2 Fathom Lever Drag 2-Speed
  FTH30LD2-LH Fathom Left Hand Lever Drag 2-Speed (Left Hand)
  FTH40NLD2 Fathom Lever Drag 2-Speed
  FTH60LD2 Fathom Lever Drag 2-Speed

Penn Fathom Low Profile Bait Cast

  FTH200LP Fathom Low Profile
  FTH200LPHS Fathom Low Profile
  FTH200LPLH Fathom Low Profile
  FTH300LP Fathom Low Profile
  FTH300LPHS Fathom Low Profile
  FTH300LPLH Fathom Low Profile
  FTH400LP Fathom Low Profile
  FTH400LPHS Fathom Low Profile
  FTH400LPLH Fathom Low Profile

Penn Formula KG/LD

  10KG Formula Graphite Leverdrag 2-Speed
  15KG Formula Graphite Leverdrag 2-Speed
  24KG Formula Graphite Leverdrag 2-Speed
  10LD Formula Graphite Leverdrag Single Speed
  15LD Formula Graphite Leverdrag Single Speed

Penn GLS Graphite Leverdrag Senator

Penn Graphite Leverdrag

  225LD Graphite Leverdrag
  245LD Graphite Leverdrag
  246LD Graphite Leverdrag

Penn GT LevelWind

  310GT, 310GTi Super LevelWind
  320GT, 320GTi Super LevelWind
  320LD Super LevelWind Leverdrag
  321GT, 321GTi Super LevelWind (Left Hand)
  330GT, 330GTi Super LevelWind
  330LD Super LevelWind Leverdrag
  340GT, 340GTi Super LevelWind
  345GT, 345GTi Super LevelWind

Penn GT2 LevelWind

  310GT2 Super LevelWind Series 2
  310GT2LC Super LevelWind Series 2 (Line Counter)
  320GT2 Super LevelWind Series 2
  320GT2LC Super LevelWind Series 2 (Line Counter)
  321GT2-LH Super LevelWind Series 2 (Left Hand)
  330GT2 Super LevelWind Series 2
  340GT2 Super LevelWind Series 2
  345GT2 Super LevelWind Series 2

Penn Jigmaster

  500, 500L Jigmaster
  500-LH, 500L-LH Jigmaster (Left Hand)
  500S Jigmaster
  501 Jigmaster Narrow Spool
  505HS Jigmaster High Speed
  506HS Jigmaster High Speed

Penn Levelmatic

  910 Levelmatic Narrow Spool with Counterbalanced Handle
  920 Levelmatic Narrow Spool with Counterbalanced Handle
  930 Levelmatic with Counterbalanced Handle
  940 Levelmatic with Power Handle

Penn Longbeach / Long Beach

  60-LH Longbeach
  267 Long Beach
  268 Long Beach
  259 Long Beach Deluxe (Live Bait Caster)

Penn Low Profile Baitcast

  PUR64LP Pursuit Baitcast
  SAR64LP Sargus Baitcast
  1000 Baitcast
  2000 Baitcast

Penn Mag Power

Penn Mag Tuned

Penn Mariner

  49, 49L Super Mariner
  49-LH, 49L-LH Super Mariner (Left Hand)
  149, 149L, 149M Mariner
  249 Mariner (Penn Angler)
  349 Master Mariner
  349H Master Mariner
  349HC Master Mariner

Penn Monofil

Penn General Purpose Levelwind

  9, 9M, 9F, 9S, 9MF, 9MS Peerless Monofil
  9-LH, 9M-LH Peerless Monofil (Left Hand)
  109, 109M, 109F, 109S, 109MF, 109MS Peer Monofil
  109-LH, 109M-LH Peer Monofil (Left Hand)
  209, 209M Peer Monofil Sr.
  209-LH, 209M-LH Peer Monofil Sr. (Left Hand)
  209LC Line Counter Peer Monofil Sr.
  309M Super Peer

Penn Rival Levelwind

  RVL15LWLC Rival Line Counter
  RVL15LWLC-LH Rival Line Counter (Left Hand)
  RVL15LW-LH Rival (Left Hand)
  RVL20LWLC Rival Line Counter
  RVL20LWLC-LH Rival Line Counter (Left Hand)
  RVL20LW-LH Rival (Left Hand)
  RVL30LWLC Rival Line Counter
  RVL30LWLC-LH Rival Line Counter (Left Hand)
  RVL30LW-LH Rival (Left Hand)

Penn "Sea" Series

Reel Specs   42 Seahawk
  125 Seagate, Sea-Gate
  Seaford (1930s)

Penn Seaboy

NOTE   Compare plates on your 190 to see if it is an old Bay Reel 190 or the one from the 1990's that is a Seaboy!
  185 Seaboy (1990+)
  190 Bay Reel (not a Seaboy) (1950's up to 1990)
  190 Seaboy (1990+)

Penn Senator

Design Change On Some Models

Please make sure to identify which version you have before ordering parts.

Original Senators

  112 (3/0) (Black)
  113 (4/0) (Black) Design Change
  113-LH (4/0) (Black) (Left Hand)
  113HN (4/0) Baja Special
  113MTL (4/0) Metal
  114 (6/0) (Black) Design Change
  114-LH (6/0) (Black) (Left Hand) Design Change
  115L (9/0) (Black)
  115L-LH (9/0) (Black) (Left Hand)
  116A (10/0) (Black)
  116L (12/0) (Black)
  116L-LH (12/0) (Black) (Left Hand)
  117L (14/0) (Black)
  117L-LH (14/0) (Black) (Left Hand)
  118 (16/0) (Black)

Series 2 Senators

  113L2 (4/0) (Black) (Series 2)
  114L2 (6/0) (Black) (Series 2)
  115L2 (9/0) (Black) (Series 2)

US Senators

  US113N (4/0) Narrow Spool
  US113W (4/0) Wide Spool

Penn Special Senator

Design Change On Some Models

Please make sure to identify which version you have before ordering parts.

Original Special Senators

  112H (3/0) Special (Red)
  113H (4/0) Special (Red) Design Change
  113H-LH (4/0) Special (Red) (Left Hand)
  113HL (4/0) Special (Red) Design Change
  113HLW (4/0) Special (Red) Design Change
  113HSP (4/0) Special (Red) (Wire Line)
  114H (6/0) Special (Red) Design Change
  114H-LH (6/0) Special (Red) (Left Hand) Design Change
  114HL (6/0) Special (Red)
  114HLW (6/0) Special (Red) Design Change

Series 2 Special Senators

  112H2 (3/0) Special (Red) (Series 2)
  113H2 (4/0) Special (Red) (Series 2)
  113H2-LH (4/0) Special (Red) (Series 2) (Left Hand)
  113H2LW (4/0) Special (Red) (Series 2)
  113H2SP (4/0) Special (Red) (Wire Line) (Series 2)
  114H2 (6/0) Special (Red) (Series 2)
  114H2LW (6/0) Special (Red) (Series 2)
  114H2SP (6/0) Special (Red) (Wire Line) (Series 2)

Penn Squall Lever Drag 2 Speed LD2


Penn Squall LevelWind

Penn Squall II Level Wind

  SQLii20LW-LC (Line Counter)
  SQLii20LW-LH (Left Hand)
  SQLii30LW-LC (Line Counter)
  SQLii30LW-LH (Left Hand)

Penn Squall Low Profile Bait Cast

  SQL200LP Squall Low Profile
  SQL200LPHS Squall Low Profile
  SQL200LPLH Squall Low Profile
  SQL300LP Squall Low Profile
  SQL300LPHS Squall Low Profile
  SQL300LPLH Squall Low Profile
  SQL400LP Squall Low Profile
  SQL400LPHS Squall Low Profile
  SQL400LPLH Squall Low Profile

Penn Squidder

  140, 140L Squidder
  140-LH, 140L-LH Squidder (Left Hand)
  145, 145L Squidder
  146, 146L Squidder

Penn Surfmaster

  100, 100M Surfmaster
  150, 150M, 150L Surfmaster
  200, 200M, 200L Surfmaster
  250 Surfmaster

Penn Warfare Levelwind Reels

  WAR15LW Warfare
  WAR15LWLC Warfare Line Counter
  WAR15LWLC-LH Warfare Line Counter (Left Hand)
  WAR15LW-LH Warfare (Left Hand)
  WAR20LW Warfare
  WAR20LWLC Warfare Line Counter
  WAR20LWLC-LH Warfare Line Counter (Left Hand)
  WAR20LW-LH Warfare (Left Hand)
  WAR30LW Warfare
  WAR30LWLH Warfare
  WAR30LWLC Warfare
  WAR30LWLCLH Warfare

Penn Warfare Star Drag Reels

  WAR20N Warfare Star Drag
  WAR30 Warfare Star Drag
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