• 29-209 Spool, Plastic (Collector See Notes)
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  • Views of the spool shaft ends

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Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models.


NOT RECOMMENDED FOR FISHING! This could be used for a shelf display reel. The Dark Maroon plastic/bakelite is old, so even though it is NIB and in mint condition, there would be drying over time and it would not tolerate the stress of modern fishing lines.

Product Replaced

This product has been replaced. Penn Fishing Tackle has come up with a direct replacement for this product.

29L-209 Spool, Aluminum (Black)
SKU: 29L-209
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29-209, 29P-209, 209 plastic spool, plastic spool 209, bakelite spool
Penn Old SKU #: 29-209
Penn New SKU #: 029-29-209
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