• 98-505CC Sleeve, Gear Sleeve, 10 Tooth (comes with pin) (FINE THREAD) 416 Stainless (CUSTOM)

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Aftermarket Part - Not Manufactured by Penn
Made by Cortez Conversions.

Gear sleeves are made to be an upgrade to the brass gear sleeve in many Penn reel models.

(98-505CC) (Fine Tooth)

  • Manufactured from 416, heat treated stainless steel
  • Manufactured with 10 teeth (Penn only has 8)
  • Fine pitch thread, requires fine pitch star 10-505
  • Recommend if you INTEND to exceed 8 pounds of drag (based on use in the 500 Jigmaster, but applies to any of the reels where you want to apply more drag than originally intended)

ADVISORY #1: About PIN HOLE placement and BRIDGE types

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The 98-505CC has the hole drilled midway on the line made by the flat edge and the round side which allows it to fit to both types of bridges.

ADVISORY #2: About the two different runs of 10-505 DRAG STARS

This was discovered 4/2012
It is not related to the fine-toothed thread info above. It is a separate issue.
Penn did a more recent manufacturing run of these 10-505 stars.
They changed the machining of the fine thread just slightly enough to cause an issue with the newly made stainless sleeves, as described in the photo notes below.


If you only intend to use the 98-505 brass gear sleeve, order 10-505-B.

If you might, or are, changing to the
98-505AT stainless steel sleeve, order 10-505BS that fits both.


NOTES for the 500 and 500S reels ONLY:
This Part is used with the FINE-TOOTHED Bridge/Star/Sleeve System.
Click Here for More Info 500 and 500S Design Change - Bridges/Sleeves/Star Drag Info

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